Winter To Spring Transition Outfits

Do you have a hard time deciding when to start switching over your seasonal outfits? The right time can be tricky, but Swirl Boutique can help you time it perfectly with our ideas on winter to spring transition outfits. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to keep you stylish no matter what season it is!

Transitions #1:  Transitioning to Brighter Colors

An easy way to start the transition from winter to spring is by starting to add some bright colors into your wardrobe.  MAybe add a bright spring color: blue, pink, yellow, etc; with a pair of jeans and a coat, to still stay warm on those sunny yet cold days. Something simple is never a bad choice. We decided to pick out a pastel pink long dress with a fuzzy brown coat. 

L*Space - Mara Dress 


Coat Saltwater Luxe - Winter Jacket  

Transition #2: From Heavy Coats to Light Jackets

Adding a coat or jacket to any outfit can help level it up.  SInce the weather is starting to warm up a heavy coat may be too warm and heavy; instead let's switch to a lighter weight, fashionable jacket or cardigan!



Transition #3: long dresses floral print 

Spring is the best time to wear florals since that is when the flowers bloom and the sun starts to shine again. A great transition outfit would be a long maxi dress to still keep your legs warm with some floral prints to combine the idea of spring, with the warmth of winter outfits.  This can also be paired with cute boots.

Astr the Label - Alva Floral Midi Dress 

Saltwater Luxe - Daisy Dress