Need More Organization In Your Life? The Simplified Life Is Here To Help!

Looking to organize your space? The Simplified Life, based in San Diego, is there to clean your space to make it more efficient for you! They work on organizing homes, offices, and personal spaces. We know how long it takes to organize your space so we wanted to introduce you to The Simplified Life Team to make your lives easier as they did ours. They completely transformed our back room at one of our Swirl Boutique stores and made it so easy for us! See below for before and after photos.

We sat down with their team and asked questions about The Simplified Life and how they got started in the organizing space!

  1. What is The Simplified Home and how did the business get started?
  • We started The Simplified Home because we had a passion for organizing.  As busy moms we knew life could get hectic and we wanted to help clients achieve a clutter free, relaxing space. The Simplified Home creates an easy to follow, organized system to give them back the luxury of time. 
  1. What did your process look like for organizing Swirl Boutique?
  • For Swirl Boutique we wanted to create a clean, calm, organized area where the staff could relax and also perform administrative duties. We first assessed their needs so we could make the best use of the space. We then went about decluttering all the areas so we could start fresh. We organized the kitchen area, so the staff had a place to enjoy their break. We created a shipping area to make it a seamless process for the staff to follow. When we organized the closet, we brought in shelving and labeled clear bins which brought transparency to the space. This makes it easier to find everything they need.
  1. What are 2 tips or tricks you would share with someone/a business who is struggling with organizing their closet?
  • The first thing to do when organizing your closet is to categorize, take inventory, and then purge. It's best to start with a clean slate and only the items you are keeping. Another great tip is to categorize your items by type and color. A color coordinated closet always looks great and makes it easier to find the item you are looking for. 
  1. How can people get in touch with you to learn more about your services?
  • You can go to our website which has all of our information on it. You can book an appointment on our website, call us at 760-652-9221, or email us at  You can follow us on instagram or facebook @TheSimplifiedHomeSD.