The Perfect Spring Accessories

The Perfect Spring Accessories

Are you in need of new accessories and knowing how to style them? Swirl Boutique can help with that. We have a guide to the perfect summer accessories, with styles for every outfit!  You can go with a chic/everyday jewelry look, a bold/statement look, a light/dainty combination, and so much more!  With these ideas that we have pulled for you, your outfits will never be boring. Jewelry and other accessories are the perfect simple way to level up any outfit!

Here is a fun pearl summer accessory combo that goes great with every outfit!



Beautiful chain pearl necklace layered with others or great on its own

Pearl chain ring gold filled to match the necklace perfectly 

Pearl and gold chain dangly earrings to complete the combo

Looking for a statement jewelry set? Here is what Swirl has picked out for you!


Gold chain perfect for subtle layering

A dramatic piece perfect for adding to a look

Chunky gold ring to make a statement 

Brass coin ring to add to the chunky ring trend

Fun thick hoops that will make a statement

Can’t go wrong with a cute dainty combination that everyone loves and is easy to match outfits with!


Dainty heart thin chain necklace

Thin gold band heart ring to perfectly match the necklace

Cute trendy chain hoop earrings, great for a first hole piercing

The perfect delicate heart earrings that would look amazing in a second hole piercing