Swirl Wellness Practices for 2021

As we know, 2020 was a time for introspection and reflection. The Swirl Team took this opportunity to better ourselves by practicing self-care and, ultimately, establishing a wellness practice! 

At Swirl, we believe that to look good, you also need to feel good. So we asked a few of our Swirl Girls, alongside owner and founder Lisa Landers, their favorite ways to practice self-care! 

Here are some of the top 2021 ways to better your self-care and create a wellness practice for yourself by our lovely Swirl Girls!

  1. Lisa Landers - What is your go-to wellness or self-care practice?
  • Self-care for me is spending quiet, alone time working on my business and not in my business. I typically will light our AURA candle in Radiant because it has the fresh scent of grapefruit. It means focusing on the details, growth strategies, innovation, getting creative, and what it means to be successful. It is my thinking time where I also may indulge in a good podcast, inspiring book, and write out my thoughts or ideas. These types of days are my favorite and typically start with an endorphin inducing workout, a healthy breakfast, and plenty of rest. 
    1. Sydney - What is your go-to wellness or self-care practice?
  •  My self-care is literal self-care. I love to put myself together and really spend time on how I am presenting myself to the world. This includes dressing up and adding that extra touch to my appearance that makes me feel ready for anything the world has for me. Spending time on myself sets the tone for my day. Right now, I’m living in our Rolla’s denim, Lack of Color Val Diamond hat and shopping (always) in-store when I need a quick cute girls’ night out top or bodysuit for wine night. 

    1. Alex - What is your go-to wellness or self-care practice?
  •  When I need a self-care moment, I get out in nature and go for a brisk walk. I usually spend this time with my sweet dog Bowie. It is so simple, yet it puts me in an instantly calm state of mind. I also treat myself to something new after a long work week...because I’m worth it. I love rewarding myself. Currently, I’m into Swirl Boutique’s cozy sweater collection that I’m pairing back with my Rolla’s denim and local artist Mac & Ry 14k gold beaded stackable bracelets, Set & Stones Macie necklace, and Sand + Grit’s boyfriend chain
    1. Rowan - What is your go-to wellness or self-care practice?
  • I love to work out and take the time to cook with my loved ones. I love creating new recipes and cooking with and for my family. I love being at home in chic, simple, and cozy attire. Currently, I’m loving Swirl Boutique’s Beige and Botany Monica jeans. They are the cutest, but they feel like pj’s. 

  • So here’s to 2021 and bettering ourselves through practicing self-care! Also, shop each of our Swirl Girl’s favorites in the links above!