Behind the Brand with Indah Clothing

This month we chose one of our favorite brands, Indah Clothing, to be "Behind the Brand" and give you a closer look at what the brand is all about!

In the Behind the Brand IGTV, the owner of Indah Clothing, Libby De Santis, starts with the story of how the brand came to be. She shares a fantastic story about why she chose to use the word "Indah" as the brand name, which means Beautiful in Indonesian. She always knew if she were to start a business, she would name it Indah!

 Indah Clothing is created and produced in Bali. Bali's energy and atmosphere has played a massive role in the brand and the owner herself.

The versatility of this brand is unmatched. Indah provides fashionable clothing from girls in their early teenage years to women in their sixties. "It's timeless"- Libby. All Indah Girls have one thing in common: the love for the beach and islands. How can you say no to clothes that allow you to blend in with beautiful surroundings at your favorite beach? We can't say no!

 An aspect that makes Indah clothing so unique is that it's one of the only green batik factories. Being one of the green batik factories helps to preserve the island while still keeping creativity alive! Indah Clothing is not only a brand you will feel good wearing, but also you can feel good about purchasing. 


We have some of Libby's favorite staple pieces to share with all of Swirl's society. Why not start with the woman who knows Indah Clothing the best?!

1. First, we have the Como Shirt paired with the Cypress Pant. You can style this cozy set either up or down! 

2. Innocence Dress: “The dress everyone looks good in”
3. The Andrean Top paired with the Echo Bottoms works perfectly for a beautiful day on the beach!

Indah Clothing has exciting things coming up. Get excited! The Fall Knitwear collection is coming out soon. This collection is going to be sexy, fun, minimal, and easy all wrapped in one! Stay tuned for release dates and check out @swirlboutique for the full Behind the Brand Indah Clothing IGTV!